You plan to come for a few days or for a few weeks ? You like to join the MIPIM, the MIPCOM or the FILM FESTIVAL? We will be happy to arrage your stay in one of our apartments at a competitive price in the very center of CANNES.

We are the French company founded by INSTITUT GRAND BLEU established on the French Riviera since 1999.

GRAND BLEU S.A.S. since 1999 40 boulevard du Cap Tel.+33(0)6 2805 6073

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Over 20 Mio tourists from more than 160 nationalities come to the French Riviera.


Over 1700 large foreign companies choiced to seettle in the region.


Whether you plan to visit France, consider to establish your business or to live here, we are on your side to help.



the French Riviera


We prodive services to individuals and enterprises who want to visit the French Riviera, who consider to establish their business here, and a comprehensive support to foreigners who like to relocate to France.



We think that one of the major tendencies nowadays is a will of citizens to move and to choose the right place for their residence and their work, to take advantage of global opportunities in order to improve the quality of their life.



We propose our knowledge and our experience to make you familiar with the French Riviera, to organize your visits in France, and to help you making decisions about your business needs and your life perspectives.